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History of Topless waiters and Male strippers

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How wide an area do your naked butlers cover?

We cover the following – Buff butlers Melbourne sydney and Brisbane.

Whether you are planning a relaxing hen weekend in a cottage on the Coast, a hen night on a barge or party boat, serene partying in the calm of the Sydney harbour or whether you are exploring the vibrant city night life with a buff butler in Brisbane, a cheeky butler or a topless butler a hunky butler in Sydney, topless waiter in Southampton, a naked butler in Brighton – any one of our gorgeous young hunky butlers will be the icing on the cake of your ladies event, whether you decide to take him to the club with your group or just have him serving drinks and canapes at home and in the limo – it’ll be a night to remember!

What will the butler wearing?

Normally naked butlers will wear just a wing collar, bow tie, cuffs and a black apron. If your guests would prefer a more “covered” approach, he can wear black trousers, ask for a dressed butler when booking.

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